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Secure Payments - Enrolling insurance products online requires flexible methods for customers to pay. Centerian's technology provides insurance providers a suite of technology tools to connect with purchasers of their products in an online environment.

Accounting & Remittance - Accuracy is a key element of applying premium collected to premium billed. The Centerian Paytracsm process collects the premium for a given period of time and our Billtracsm administrative tools provide the accounting necessary to accurately administer each policy.

Customer Maintenance - Purchasers of insurance products want to make one call to take care of changes to or questions about their policies. Centerians Calltracsm provides a limited view and processing capabilities to partners so that their customer service teams can easily cancel or update a premium value stored on the Centerian system.

Embedded Connections (API) - Critical to payment transaction success is the ability to transparently embed in or connect with host enrollment technology. Centerian has created an API that allows enrollment technology vendors or insurance providers to easily connect systems.

Retention Automation - New in 2015, keepmycoverage (KMC) automates the process of retaining policyholders when they leave their current employment. Designed to automate the policy retention process that insurers use today, KMC can drive meaningful increases in retention and profitability.

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